An example of Social Accountability

In Chawama Constituency , the Community Action Groups (CAGs) – platforms for dialogue between the community and the Ward Development Committee (WDC) members – were created. The community members questioned the WDC officials about how they had used the Ward Development Fund (WDF). Unfortunately, it was discovered that the WDF implementation had been decided upon by councillors without the participation of the WDC. The meetings led to more dialogue between the CAGs and the WDC officials on how in future they would together ensure that budgets as allocated by the Lusaka City Council would be implemented.

SAY Cafe

There is a popular saying that says ‘small minds discuss people and great minds discuss issues’, we like to think we are in the latter group. The SAY website was created to foster informed discussion on issues that matter in our everyday lives. Since its launch in 2014 SAY has gone through some changes and challenges. We are still trying to find effective ways to meet our mission of allowing people to ‘know their rights, claim their rights and protect their rights’.

One challenge has been how to translate this online activity and the vibrant community of active citizens (or Twitterzens as we like to call them)- to an offline setting. The hope is to encourage rich conversations in a ‘brick and mortar’ setting in a way that empowers participants. To some extent this was achieved when SAY was launched in Chipata in December 2014 with a series of activities in support of our online campaign (see #SAYChipata and past blogpost). Following this, we thought of ways to continue this offline activities and the concept of the SAY Café was born.


The SAY Café is a talking series similar to the popular ‘TED Talks’ where a single speaker talks about a chosen topic from their individual perspective. The idea is to cover a topic from a personal perspective, in an informal setting that encourages audience participation. While talks may cover an established idea, they will present a compelling new viewpoint that challenges beliefs and perceptions.


The first SAY Cafe was held in May 2015 under the theme access to health care for persons living with disability. you can read more about the event and the talk on the related blog.

The second SAY Cafe was held in October 2015 under the theme citizen engagement, read the blog and watch the video.



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