An example of Social Accountability

In Chawama Constituency , the Community Action Groups (CAGs) – platforms for dialogue between the community and the Ward Development Committee (WDC) members – were created. The community members questioned the WDC officials about how they had used the Ward Development Fund (WDF). Unfortunately, it was discovered that the WDF implementation had been decided upon by councillors without the participation of the WDC. The meetings led to more dialogue between the CAGs and the WDC officials on how in future they would together ensure that budgets as allocated by the Lusaka City Council would be implemented.


‘App’ is an abbreviation for application. A mobile application is a piece of software specifically designed for a computer, or on a mobile phone or other electronic device that can run or off the internet.

The word “app” is aapp more modern usage
, but this is really the same thing as a traditional computer program. However, unlike traditional computer programs they can be downloaded on mobile devices quite easily and do not take much memory space on the device. Apps have different functions, they can be games, track weather or even track the calories you eat.

The apps listed allow you to get involved with social accountability in a very practical way through a variety of different sectors and initiatives.  Click on each available app to find out more about it. You can interact with the app online or download a mobile version right on to your phone.


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