An example of Social Accountability

In Chawama Constituency , the Community Action Groups (CAGs) – platforms for dialogue between the community and the Ward Development Committee (WDC) members – were created. The community members questioned the WDC officials about how they had used the Ward Development Fund (WDF). Unfortunately, it was discovered that the WDF implementation had been decided upon by councillors without the participation of the WDC. The meetings led to more dialogue between the CAGs and the WDC officials on how in future they would together ensure that budgets as allocated by the Lusaka City Council would be implemented.

Social Accountability and You

SAY enables you to access information from both government and civil society  across all policy areas. You can access laws, policies and research papers on various thematic areas in our Library and get involved in our Forums. Learn more about social accountability and policy-making under the Get Facts tab. There are also tools to help you become better connected like links to local crowdmaps and Constituency Watches. The overall thematic areas are listed below; each provides a summary of the current policy context and access to the relevant legislation, social accountability tools, recent research and civil society actions on the issue.


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Helpful Resources

Link Description
Ministry of Finance Data Portal This site provides a wide range of statistical data on Zambia along with the tools to analyze and visualize it.
National Assembly Website This is the official website of the National Assembly. The site provides up to date information on the legislative proceedings including copies of bills debated on the floor.
Africa Progress Panel The Africa Progress Panel (APP) consists of ten distinguished individuals, led by Kofi Anan,  who advocate for equitable and sustainable development for Africa. The site offers a wealth of information on sustainable development in Africa that is clearly displayed in audio or visual form in several languages.